Monday, August 18, 2008

Q&A: Pre-Med at UCLA

For the sake of convenience, I've gathered up all the questions I've received so far about pre-med at UCLA. Here is my attempt to answer them. I think that this post will end up being very long if my answers delve very deeply, but if you would like to know more about something I write about, don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will gladly respond :D

Q: What is the best major to have at UCLA to be a pre-med?

A: Well, the "best" major is whatever major suits your interest :) You don't have to have a science major to be a pre-med student. Being pre-med basically means you have a major + you are also taking classes that fulfill medical school requirements. If you have a science-based major, then most of your pre-med classes are already covered. If you have a non science-based major, then you'll have to take those classes + all the other classes required for your major. Regardless of which route you choose to take, do what you are passionate about :D

Q: What is the average number of units/classes that pre-meds take?

A: My departmental counselor has always advised me to take no more than 2 science classes per quarter (simply because good grades are a must), and I couldn't agree with her more. These science classes which are used to calculate your science (BCPM) gpa are CRUCIAL!!! So, in general, what is highly recommended is to take 2 science classes and 1 non science class (which can be a GE or something of that sort) per quarter. 3 classes are good for freshmen and sophomores -- even juniors and seniors! You can take 4 classes when you feel like you have a good grip on managing your time wisely, but most students err on the side of caution when taking 4 classes. Classes at UCLA are not a walk in the park -- especially science classes. I took 4 classes my Winter and Spring quarters of my freshman year and I don't recommend it. I'll address the units issue in the next questions :)

Q: What classes do pre-meds have to take and what is the avg. number of units per quarter?

A: Well, the max number of units a student in the College of Letters and Science can take is 19. Most students take about 14-18 units per quarter. It just depends on which classes you are taking.
There are a core set of classes that all science majors at UCLA must take:
Life Science 1-4 ~~~ 5 units each
General Chem: 14A & 14B ~~~ 4 units each
O-chem: 14C & 14D ~~~ 4 units each
Chem lab: 14BL (3 units) & 14CL (4 units)
Physics: 6A -6C
Math: 3A-3C (4 units)

All of the chemistry, physics, and math classes listed above are for life science majors, but there are classes of those subjects for physical science majors also, which can be taken in place of the ones above. Notice how I didn't put in the units for the physics classes :) You can look them up at but they are either 4 or 5 unit classes.

Q: Tell me about the quarter system

A: Most high schools are on the semester system, so being thrown into a quarter system in college is a pretty big adjustment. There's no time for slacking or procrastinating much, or else you'll dearly regret it. You're always studying for a test or something because the quarter goes by so quickly (10 weeks). There's not much more to say! What more do you want to know about it? It's nice because we're not stuck in the same class for 15 weeks :D


Q: Which pre-med classes do you recommend?

A: As stated above, there is a core curriculum of classes that pre-meds must take :) I recommend getting math and chemistry over with first simply because they serve as prerequisites to many upper div chem classes and other classes like calculus-based physics. At UCLA, life science 2-4 must be taken in order, and life science one can be taken any time. Many students say to take LS1 last, but personally I like to do things in order so I took LS1 first :D It really doesn't matter (except for the fact that LS2 is an impacted class and therefore, you want to take it when you get the chance). What's an impacted class, you ask? I'll answer it in a separate question. :) The question of which classes I recommend is a little bit vague. If you meant to ask which classes I recommend to take on a particular quarter, I really have no say because it's your choice when you want to take the classes. Seriously! Lots of freedom :D My recommendation is to stay on a good pace: 2 science classes & one non science class per quarter, and you should be okay. Consult your counselor for more info because we all have unique situations :) ChemBL & CL are also impacted, as well as LS3.
Here's my freshman science schedule. It worked for me.. :) Note that I got a 5 in AP calculus so I didn't have to start my math series all the way from the beginning:

1st year:
F07: Math 31B, Chem14A
W08: Math3C, Chem14B
Sp08: LS1, Chem14C
Summer08: ChemBL

2nd year:
F08: LS2, Chem14D
W09 (tentative): LS3, Physics6A
Sp09 (tent.): LS4, Physics6B
Summer09(tent.): Chem14CL, Physics6C
I'm a little bit reluctant, though, to take chemCL and physics6C together during the summer because summer is only 6 weeks long -- that's a lot of stuff to cover in 10 weeks let alone 6 weeks! :D

Q: What's an impacted class?

A: Simply put, an impacted class is a class that has fewer spots available for enrollment than the number of students who want to enroll in that class (more students than room for enrollment).


Okay, there are more questions but now I have to stop writing and carry on with my daily life. I'll continue to add to this post as the opportunity comes by throughout the day (or several days...). :D

Hope this helps!


jonny said...

ahh thanks I've been very confused on what classes to take.

I was wondering however if a life science GE such as Oceanography fulfills one of the Life Science requirements for pre-med?

-MC- said...

Hey, Jonny!

Firstly, a class like oceanography (not sure on the exact course title of it) is a GE that satisfies one of the "Scientific Inquiry" classes that you are supposed to take in the College of Letters and Science.

But, these science GE's CAN'T be substituted for Life Science 1-4. You must still take Life Science 1-4 as a pre-med.

Also, just fyi, if you are a life sci major (like phy sci, MCDB, MIMG, bio, etc...), all of your Scientific Inquiry GE's are already covered by the classes that you have to take for your major anyway.

:D Hope this helps!

BTW, here's the course schedule for oceanography classes for winter 09. You can click on any of the classes listed, click on "course info" and it should take you to a page giving you more details about that class, like how many units it is and what requirements it fulfills. :D

Sharon said...

What summer classes do you recommend taking for a premed major going into their first summer at ucla?

I was thinking of taking ChemBL in session A and Life Science 3 in session B, or should I take physics 6A in session B?

- in need of help

-MC- said...

Hey, Sharon!

I just checked registrar and it doesn't look like they offer 6A or LS3 for session B, but they do offer them for session C.

Firstly, it's good that you are not taking 2 science classes in the same summer session, because taking 2 is difficult.

I took BL during the summer, and it seemed like all I ever did with my evenings was work on lab reports (plus h/w for my other class).

BL is a good choice for session A (as long as you don't take any other science classes with it in the same session).

For session C, I recommend taking LS3 (even though the material covered for 6A is a lot less than ls3.)

I'm currently taking LS3, and there is A LOT of material. But, since you'll be taking LS3 alone, it shouldn't be too bad.

You can take LS3 alone in the summer, so that you won't have to take it in the regular school year with 2 other classes. If you do this, you'll take 6A in the regular school year, which has less material to cover than LS3.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey MC!

Thanks for the swift response! But, I ended up taking ls1 spring09 and so wont be able to take ls3 during session C. Should I take Chem14C with some professor named CHANMUGATHAS, C. and be waitlisted (btw, what is the chances that I'll get into the course?) or take ls2?


Anonymous said...

Hey MC,

Thanks for the tip! But, I ended up taking ls1 spring09 and so I wont be able to take ls3 in summer session C. Would you recommend that I try for Chem14C even though its all waitlisted? (btw, what are the chances of getting into a waitlist class in the summer?) And do you know how CHANMUGATHAS, C. is? Or what other science class should I take?? I don't want to have too heavy of a workload during the school year :T. Thanks for your help! :)

-MC- said...
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Anonymous said...

I am going to UCLA this fall. I have been doing well in my science classes during high school. But I have heard science majors at UCLA are very competitive.

My question is what majors would say is the most competitive- MCDB, Biology(OBEE, or biochemistry.

-MC- said...

Hey, Anonymous!

Well, I'm sure all the life science majors are difficult and competitive, but it seems like the most competitive ones are MCDB, MIMG, and PhySci.

But, don't let that steer you away from them. If you enjoy molecular bio, then by all means, go for it! I was an MIMG major coming into UCLA, then I realized I don't like microbio, immunology, or all that virology stuff so I switched to MCDB. Then, taking LS3 confirmed my disinterest in molecular bio (haha). So, I switched to PhySci which is more where my interests are. :D :D

Like I said, all the life science majors are difficult, so it's not so much the difficulty that makes them competitive within the UCLA community, but it's more the students who make them competitive. The classes are all already hard, but pre-med students like to take things to another level sometimes, so it's just really difficult to compete against everyone working so hard. You have to work a lot harder to be above average when you're competing with people who are out for the same thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi MC!

I'm going to be a second year fall 2009 and I think I'll be declaring as a psychobio major. Do you think taking Chem14C, LS2, and Psych100A will be doable? - I've never taken more than 2 science classes per quarter. Thanks~

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm going to be a 3rd year in Fall 2009, and since I've been at UCLA, I've never taken more than 2 science classes per quarter! But I've taken 4 classes before (2 science, 2 non-science in my freshman year) & it didn't work out too well so I never did that again lol.

I think, if you've done well in your quarters with 2 science classes, then you should be able to handle 3 science classes.

I hope you don't plan on taking Chem 14D, LS3, and another science class all together in winter though. LS3 is hard, and it's going to be a lot harder with ochem and another science class. =/

I shall be taking 3 science classes in the fall (2 upperdiv, and a super difficult orgo lab 14CL x_x) so I'm a bit concerned lol.

Sorry I can't help you much since I haven't experienced 3 science classes yet. But good luck though!! Just... budget your time accordingly and stay on top of things from day one. It's really difficult to catch up with 2 science classes, but I'm sure it'll be harder with 3!

Benita said...

wow, you've definitely given some very helpful information! I'm just starting at UCLA in the fall and i'm thinking about doing pyschobio major (pre-med). At first i was just thinking to do math 3A along with chem 14A, pysch, and maybe another ge... but now one of my friends advised me to take chem, math, and physics, with a ge - do you think that will be too intense?

-MC- said...

Thanks, Benita!

Here are 2 rules you should stick to:
#1) Do NOT take 4 classes as a Freshman.
#2) Do NOT take 3 science classes as a Freshman.

You really don't want to mess up your GPA early on. I wish I had someone to tell me not to take 4 classes as a freshman. It was the biggest mistake ever, and it ruined my GPA...

With that being said, stick to
-Math 3A
-Non-science GE
-Chem 14A

To my knowledge, you can't take Physics 6A without having taken Math3A, so you can't take physics yet even if you wanted to.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog! It's very insightful! :3 When medical schools say they want to see, for example, 2 years of chemistry (organic/inorganic w/ lab), how many quarters would that be? Oh, and I'm not planning on majoring in life sciences... but in order to get into med school would I still have to take ALL of those life science core classes? Thanks.

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you!

2 years of chemistry at UCLA essentially means 6 quarters of chemistry. These chemistry classes include Chem 14A-D and their labs. Also, although chem153 (biochem) is not required if you're not a lifesci major, it would be very disadvantageous for you NOT to take it, because the "norm" profile for UCLA pre-meds applying to medical school is that they've all taken chem153. And, chem153 is super helpful for the mcat (although, again, it's not necessary to take chem153 before you take the mcat....).

Aside from English classes that you must take, the life science core classes pretty much fulfill all premed science class requirements (and they all prepare you for the mcat):
*Physics 6A-C
*3 quarters of college level math (AP doesn't count!).
*Life sciences 1-4
*Chemistry like I said above.

You need 3 quarters (1 year) of college level English (AP doesn't count). One of those english classes MUST be a writing II class. :)

Furthermore, some medical schools (like UCLA) require that you take a statistics class (this can be counted towards your 3 quarters of math).

I hope this helps :D

Anonymous said...

Ahh, okay, thank you for the quick response! I just need a little more clarification... so the medical school requirement for 1 year of general bio (w/ lab) is covered by life sciences 1 - 4?

Thank you soooo much! :]

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yep, that is correct!

Andy Kay said...

Just looking for some clarification:

Most med schools see chem 14A-D plus 14BL and 14CL as the equivalent of two years of chemistry?


-MC- said...

Hi, Andy Kay :)

Yep, that's right.

One year of general chem (with lab) would mean Chem 14A, Chem 14B, and Chem14BL.

One year of o-chem (with lab) would mean Chem 14C, Chem 14D, and Chem 14CL.

Unfortunately, for those people who hate chemistry (like I do), it doesn't stop there.

The typical UCLA pre-med profile is that UCLA pre-meds also take biochem153A (with lab).... It has to be taken anyway for most life science majors. :)

I hope this clears things up!

Anonymous said...

Hello MC,
I attended a late orientation so a lot of the classes were full... but I'm currently enrolled in chem 14A, LS1, and a GE class for the fall quarter. Would you advise against this especially since I'm a freshman? Should I drop LS1 and just take another class I don't really need?

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

So I'm assuming you're a life science major or at least leaning towards that, right? :)

Hmm..... chem14A and life sci1 together on your first quarter MIGHT be a bit much, but as long as your GE isn't a science class, you should be fine.

What I recommend is starting on math with chemistry. Which level math are you in? 3A, B, or C? I see that most of the classes are now waitlisted. Get on the waitlist for which ever math class level you're in (chances are that you'll get in since people will drop...). And attend that class even if you're on the waitlist, then when the prof announces the fate of the waitlisted students during the first week of fall, you can drop or keep your ls1 class accordingly.

LS1 wasn't really that bad. It was just really boring for me... But, of course, it takes some work... most is memorization. If you took chemistry in high school, then chem 14A should be easy to work with so it won't be so bad with LS1.

Case in point, just do this:
1) Get on the math class wait list
2) Find another nonscience GE class that you're interested in.
3) If you find a GE class you're interested in, then drop the LS1 class, stay waitlisted on the math class, and enroll in the 2nd GE class.

If you can't find a GE class you're interested in and if you can't get into math, keeping LS1 is manageable with chem14A as long as you don't slack off.

WARNING: Freshmen on their first quarters tend to slack off and then regret it. I know I did. :)

It's your first quarter at UCLA. Taking chem14A and some easier nonscience GEs will be a good transition quarter for you! Don't feel like you have to rush to start on LS on your first quarter. Just transition nicely first and get the feel of the pace of the quarter system. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh... thank you!!

The thing is I'm premed trying to major in a nonscience so there's 7 courses I have to take before the 3rd year... which should also cover almost all of the GE requirements... but all of those courses are either full/unavailable.

I tried to get into Math 3A but it's at the same time as my Chem 14A lecture and I looked up the LS1 professor on Bruinwalk and all her reviews were really negative and my chemistry background isn't so good... so that's why I'm worried.

Ok, so I'm gonna try to switch my Chem lecture to a different one when/if spots open up so that I can enroll in math 3A's waitlist. :]

Thank you soooo much for this writing this blog!! :)

joseph said...

Hi, i am currently enrolled in math 31a, ls1, and english comp 3...

I could not enroll in math 3a(it was full) and since i am confident in my math skills i just enrolled in math 31a.

Now my question is chem 14a just opened up. I am a Phy Sci major, so i am wondering whether or not i should enroll in chem my first quarter instead of ls1?

Many are telling me LS1 is a killer. What should i do?
Stick with my schedule i have now or change my ls1 course to chem 14a? thank you soo much for the help!

-MC- said...

Hi, Joseph!

Go for chem14a! LS1 can be taken whenever. Start with chem14A because you'll need to be able to do your chem labs as soon as you can. You need chem 14B to take chemBL and you need chem14C to take chem14CL. These chem labs are all very very hard to get into so that's why you should take chem first. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a new freshman at UCLA and I was just wondering, if I'm in a set series of say... physics 6 series, can i stop the series at any point and come back to it to meet the basic writing requirements?

That would mean taking physics 6A one fall qtr and then returning in the spring to take physics 6B?

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

Absolutely! That's perfectly fine; nothing wrong with that! In fact, a lot of people do it.

But, just a little advice, take the chem 14 series at your earliest convenience. Chem 14BL, Chem14CL and chem153L are required for life sci majors and they're very difficult to get into during the regular school year for non-chemistry majors. :)

Anonymous said...

If anyone's interested, there's a new exam review service called "Vega Physics" that is offering a finals review for the Physics 6A series this fall (Fall 09).

Only one session offered for UCLA, and with a limited class size, but could be especially useful for premeds.

Anonymous said...

Hi MC,
What are the best extra curricular groups on campus either
1. for premeds?
2. that offer experiences that are valuable for premeds (like clinical experience)?

I've heard of a pre-med frat that seemed pretty good called "phide" and something called "mobile clinic" but what else is there?

-MC- said...

Hi, Kay!

I volunteered as a Care Extender at Ronald Reagan for almost 2 years. It was a pretty good experience. Some Care Extenders disliked it, but you only get as much from as you put in. You have to be proactive and get to know the staff and faculty and interact with the patients. I saw several open chest procedures, A-line and chest tube insertions, etc... Pretty cool!

I've also heard of FISH but I never really looked into it.

And also, this is another way to get hands on experience :)

I was a part of Run/Walk at UCLA last year. The Run/Walk committee puts on a 5K event every year and all proceeds go to Mattel Children's Hospital.

The pre-med AMSA group on campus has valuable resources for pre-meds too. You get all sorts of med school info throughout the year. I think it's worth checking out. :)

Benita said...

Thanks for the advice from a few months ago. Right now im taking math 3a, chem 14a, and classics 20 and it's time to start thinking about next quarter. I know im definitely taking math 3b, chem 14b, and probably another GE which would put me at 13 units ... would you recommend me trying to slide in another GE?

-MC- said...

Hi, Benita :)

No, I do not recommend you take another GE. Seriously. I know this from experience.

Good luck!

joseph said...

Hi. Enrolling for classes winter quarter is around the corner and i was wondering what schedule is most common? I am currently taking chem 14a, math 3a, and English comp 3.

For winter quarter i was thinking about taking Chem 14B, 14BL, and math 3a. but that only puts me at 11 units....Would you recommend taking another GE class with this schedule?


-MC- said...

Hi Joseph.

Yeah, take 3a and 14B.

But, do NOT take those with BL and another GE.

Do NOT take BL with 3a and 14B. Just take a GE:


I promise you will not regret it.

Taking 4 classes will be a nightmare. I know this from experience... and taking 3 science classes will be a nightmare. I also know this from experience.


Anonymous said...

Medical schools require 1 year of English in college; so which courses at UCLA would satisfy this requirement.
Do any of the GE courses satisfy the English requirement for Medicine?

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

Check this out:

Basically, you can fulfill your 3 english classes for med school with:

one (1) writing I class AND
two (2) writing II classes.

If you've already fulfilled the writing I class by getting a high SAT score or a 4 or 5 in your AP eng. classes (see the website above), then you can take another english class that might be of interest to you (it doesn't have to be a writing II) -- just check the course website:

Even though the university only requires you to take one (1) writing II class to fulfill graduation requirements, medical schools require at least 2 writing II classes.

Hope this helps :)

PS: I took Eng. 143 (milton) last quarter, but the registrar says Eng. 10A and 10B are enforced pre-requisites to that class. I never took those classes! But, during second pass, I went to the english department counselor and she enrolled me in the class. You can do that with upperdiv eng. classes also, assuming that the class isn't full by 2nd pass.

Anonymous said...

So, If you fulfilled Writing 1, you still need 2 courses in Writing 11 and another English course?
Any suggestions as to which courses / professors are good for the Writing 11 courses, and not too demanding.

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes that's right.

One of the Writing II classes I enjoyed was AN N EA 10W JERUSALEM-HOLY CITY. It was taught by Prof. Smoak, but he's not teaching it this winter quarter. Someone else is.

You should look at classes that sound interesting to you, see who is teaching which classes, and then you can look up the professor at It has lots of professor reviews.

Alisa said...

Hello MC,

I have a few questions as well.

I am actually graduating in the spring and plan on doing a postbac premed program where I do all of the concentrated science courses. However I just realized they strongly encourage me to do the required math for med school if I can beforehand.

It's too late for 2010Winter but for spring, I could take Stats 10 and since I got a 5 on AP Calc AB, I could take Math 3b or C.

Is this worth it? Or should I try to take the classes when I do the postbac anyway. To combine with a semester system, would I have to do 2 quarters + 1 semester or just 1 quarter? And stats 10 would count for one or no?

Also, English.

I have taken a Comaparative Lit Writing II. I have also taken the GE cluster on sex which I believe is also a writing two. I am currently enrolled in a random English class. Should that take care of it all?

Im confused!!

Thank you!!


-MC- said...

Hi, Alisa! Sorry for answering a bit late. I've been really busy with classes and work.

I'm going to assume that Stats 10 is very doable since I took Biostats 100A and I got an A in that class. Take it in spring if you can.

Also, Math 3B and 3C aren't too bad especially if you got a 5 in AP Calc!
3B is what you learned in AP Calc, and 3C is mostly probability and a little bit of stats.

My advice is to take Stats 10 and Math 3B in the spring if you can. From my understanding, 3C can't be taken concurrently with 3B, so you'll have to take another math class in the postbacc to cover your full year of college level math.

Also, to combine with a semester system, you would have to do 2 quarters + 1 semester.

1 quarter + 1 semester is not enough since 1 semester (15 weeks) is LESS than 2 quarters (20 weeks).

Stats 10 counts as one quarter of math. :D

As far as English, your GE cluster SEMINAR (the last part of the GE cluster) counts as WII, so it looks like you've already got 2 WII classes, so that's good!

For the last english course, ANY WI, or WII, or GE Literature course will count.

Here's a full list of English courses at UCLA that will satisfy this requirement:

I hope this helps!

joseph said...

Hi, i recently signed up for summer school and i was wondering if what i signed up for would be considered too much?
I am taking Chem 14CL and Chem 14D in summer session C.

thanks for the advice!

-MC- said...

Hi, Joseph!

Sorry to break it to you, but chem14CL by itself is a TOUGH and very TIME CONSUMING class, and I have to say the same about chem 14D.

I took chem14cl over a regular quarter and it took up A LOT of time.

I highly discourage taking
CL with 14D. Take an easier class with Cl...

**Note, you had to choose which class to take over the summer, take cl over 14D because cl is harder to get into**

joseph said...

hi, thanks for the response about summer school.
So i will take 14CL during session C but i would like to know what other class to take with it?
Since you said Chem 14D would be too difficult, would taking physics 6A or Life Science 2 be a better choice to take with 14CL or do you think this would be too difficult still?

thanks for the advice!

-MC- said...

Joseph, whatever you do, do NOT take an LS class with 14CL in the summer in the same session.

If it was absolutely between physics 6A and LS2, definitely go with 6A (it's much more manageable, especially if you've taken physics in hs).


Hibah said...

Hey MC!

Thank you so much for making this blog!!! It's been so helpful; I can't get this kind of advice from any of the counselors I've seen.

So I'm planning on taking summer school at UCSB or SBCC this summer. I've already checked which ones will be compatible. I only want to do session A. Will physics 6a and LS 1/LS2 (only one of them) be manageable together? Which combination is doable? If 2 classes is too much, which one class is better to get out of the way during summer school?

-MC- said...

Dear Hibah,

Thanks. :)

If you took physics (mechanics) in high school, then 6A shouldn't be a problem because that's all it is.

With that said, LS1 and LS2 are similar in difficulty, so it just depends on which one you want to get out of the way first. LS2 is like a survey class that includes a bit of general bio, a bit of neuroscience, a bit of genetics, a bit of physiology, a bit of molecular biology. LS1 is more of general bio, but in depth -- plant/animal cell biology, ecosystems, evolution-related things....

I personally would NOT want to take 2 science courses in a 6 week session, even if 6A is just mechanics.

However, if you don't procrastinate much, and if you're not working or volunteering or have other commitments over the summer, then you could possibly pull off taking 6A with either LS1 or LS2 (if 6A is an easy class for you).

If you decide to take just one class (which is what I recommend), I suggest you take LS1/LS2. Taking 6A with more difficult classes in the regular school year will help to offset the difficult science course load. i.e. taking 6A with a organic chemistry is a lot better than LS2 with organic chemistry.

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

How do I find out which pre-med required courses and GE courses are compatible with UCLA at El Camino Community College? I was thinking of taking a few of the required courses at the community college in the Summer

Thank you for all your help.

joseph said...

Hi i was trying to figure out what i should take during summer school. I was thinking about doing 14BL and LS 2 during session A.

Would this be too much to take together?

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry for my late response. I was MIA from blogging due to the Lenten Season. :)

You can go here to see which classes at your CC are comparable to the ones offered at UCLA. I hope this helps!

-MC- said...

Hi, Joseph!

Sorry for the late response... I was away due to Lent.

Honestly speaking, I'd say that 14BL AND LS2 in ONE session is too much. 14BL will literally suck the life out of you, and LS2 is a difficult class.

I would replace LS2 with a north campus class (GE).

Good luck!

Kim said...

I have been having a tough time choosing between UC Berkeley and UCLA for premed. I know that both schools are cutthroat, but berkeley seems to be even more so, with harsher grade curves. Which would you recommend?
Also, is UCLA's quarter system better than berkeley's semester system?
Lastly, you mentioned earlier that you did not like chemistry. I'm in the same position. : p How much would not doing too well in chem affect my gpa and overall chance at med school? Thank you!
(sorry for asking so many questions!)

-MC- said...

Hi Kim,

Firstly, both schools are really tough and good. At UCLA, you'll have to take ~8 chem classes (this includes general, ochem, labs, and biochem), so with this many classes, it would definitely be harsh on your gpa.... but I mean if you're a lifesci major, you'll have a ton of other classes to offset chem.

Anyway, honestly speaking, UCLA has the rigor, the prestige, the beautiful campus, beautiful weather, and the most technologically advanced hospital in the world to volunteer at just a few steps away. There are also a ton of research labs to get into. And Westwood, also literally just a few steps away, has awesome restaurants and movie theaters where a ton of movie premiers happen. So many more pros and I can go on and on.

I've seen Berkeley, and it's a great school, but I felt like the environment wasn't as good as UCLA. Of course, it's about personal preference. Not sure if you're familiar with norcal weather, but be sure you take that into account because environment does play a huge role in your college experience.

Quarter and Semester systems have their pros and cons. It's true that semesters are longer (15 weeks each... 30 weeks total for one school year) and have fewer exams, but cumulative exams will be a major pain. Quarters are shorter (10 weeks... 30weeks total for one year), and the pace is very fast, with more exams, but it's certainly a factor that looks down on major procrastination. :)

PS... for future questions, please use the forum that I made. It would be easier for others to browse questions and answers that way. There's a link to it at the top left of my page. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you know much about the Biomedical research Minor? How difficult is it to get in? Is it advantageous for Medical school application?


-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

I can honestly say that I don't know much about the biomedical research minor except that it should only be for students who are truly interested in research.

And, because I don't know much about it, I can redirect you this site that can tell you a bit more than I can. :)

Good luck!

For future correspondences, please post in the forum that I set up. You can find a link at the top left of this website. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...


I was wondering how difficult is it drop an impacted class? Say later on in the quarter, what are the chances of getting it approved??

-MC- said...

Dear Anonymous,

You will have to get a Late Impacted Drop Petition from your counselor, give a GOOD reason, and have your prof sign it.

Dropping impacted courses after 2nd week is usually granted ONLY for EXTREME circumstances. You will have to give a VERY GOOD & EXTREME reason, then it will be reviewed by a committee. IF (BIG if) it is approved, it'll show up on your transcript.

With that said, I will say that it is highly unlikely that it will be approved without a really good reason, especially later on in the quarter.

I'm sorry... :( I hope things work out for you!

Zane Ahmed said...

Hey man, I really appreciate all your help. I just had some quick questions regarding pre-reqs for medical school because I am coming from Chaffey Community College as an entering MIMG junior transfer.

1.) This chemistry requirement can be somewhat confusing, I have my General Chemistry down, but I took one semester of Ochem at my community college, and so my DPR says that it articulated with 30A and 30BL, so now I will be taking Chem 30B in the Fall and Chem 30C (Some medical schools like to see 30C I guess) in the Winter. Do I also need to take Chem30CL???? Everywhere I read online it says, 1 year of Organic Chemistry with Lab, so I assume that means 1 year of Lab work as well, when really the 1 year-long sequence at UCLA for is 30A, 30B, and 30BL, which is only 1 quarter of lab and 2 quarters of lecture. Can you please clarify these matters and tell me if I really need to take Chem 30CL or even Chem 30C for that matter? Thanks

2.) The Math requirement is also something funny. Most medical schools say they want 1 year of college math and calculus is recommended. I took my first quarter Calculus class at UC Santa Cruz (this was a 3-quarter sequence but I only did the first one) and then at my community College I took Calculus 65B, basically second semester calculus, which to my community college completes the 1-year long sequence for calculus.
Now if I am not mistaken, this adds up to 1 quarter of Calculus + 1 Semester of Calculus, which does not equal 1 year of college mathematics. According to my UCLA mimg department counselor, Bridget Wolfgang and, they say that the one-year community college calculus sequence will meet the three-term(Math 31A, 31B, 32A) UCLA calculus requirement.
Anyhow, to get to my point, I know that one-year of college mathematics was not met and so Bridget told me that I can take BioStatistics to make up for the last that quarter of Math. Does biostatistics count toward the one year college requirement for medical schools?

Thanks and sorry for the life story.

nisha said...

I have been reading your post regularly. They are highly informative and helpful.

Lisa said...

Hello! I'm thinking of taking 14D, LS3 and Soc 101 (one of the harder soc classes) during winter.. do you think that'll be too hard to handle?
I took 14D in the summer but had to drop bc I became ill during finals week and couldn't take the exam. I had Chanmuthagas then (who is considered WAY easier than Hardinger), so I would like to take 14D next qtr for sure. If this is too hard, should I pair 14D with physics 6C instead? thanks!

Anonymous said...

can we be in pre-med as a freshmen

Linh Pham said...

How did you get involved with organizations relating to pre-med such as research, internships, ect.? Any advice?

-MC- said...

Hi Anonymous.

You are considered "pre-med" as long as you are on path to taking courses required for acceptance into medical school -- that includes math, chem, physics, bio classes.

Please see the forum for more info. :)


Khadij said...

What do you think about taking LS1 and Chem BL together with Math 32A?
I was originally going to take Chem 14C with those and take BL and CL in the summer but I'm thinking of keeping consistency with the material.

-MC- said...


DON'T DO IT! 2 science classes are enough per quarter to keep you busy. Taking chem lab (lots of write ups) with math 32A AND LS1 is simply a recipe for disaster that a freshman thinks he can overcome. :)

Take 2 science classes and one non-science class.

You will thank me for this. :)

Ruby said...

Hi MC!

I'm planning on applying for transfer to UCLA this fall, but I am very confused about the pre-med reqs. Am I supposed to complete all the courses you have mentioned as lower division courses, meaning my first two years before I can transfer? Or can I continue the pre-med reqs during my upper division courses?

Thank you!

mc said...

Hi Ruby,

You do NOT have to finish all your pre-med reqs before you transfer.
You can take them wherever as long as you take them before you apply to med school (or at least as long as you're in the process of completing all the pre-med coursework while you apply to medical school).

But, I don't recommend taking your pre-reqs at a CC. Take them at UCLA. If you've already taken some at a CC, no worries. Just take as many as you can at UCLA. ADCOMs KNOW that it's a lot easier to get good grades at a CC, so don't take them there.

Ruby said...

Thank you so much! However, I did forget to mention I will be applying from a CSU actually. How will that affect any of the pre-med classes? If you happen to know.

Anonymous said...

hey mc! i'm an incoming freshman and i was just wondering.. were the things you heard about ucla as an incoming freshman (like crazy competition, super cutthroat, etc) exaggerated or pretty accurate? everybody's telling me that ucla is super difficult but i'm wondering if it's because people aren't studying hard enough or because people are studying like crazy but still can't get good grades because of the ridiculous curve. thanks a lot! (:

Navjot said...

Hey MC!

Thank you for all the helpful tips! I'm gonna be a freshmen at UCLA this fall and was wondering if you recommend taking any summer courses? and if you do which ones?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently a first year in my third quarter at UCLA. Coming in, I did not know what major or career path I wanted to pursue. I've been taking pre-reqs for Communications Studies and decided throughout the year that I want to be a Comm major. However, I still sometimes have thoughts that if I were to start my first year over, I would pursue something pre-med, nursing, or some other similar south campus major. I started college thinking south campus majors would be too hard and competitive and I wouldn't have any free time, but I see my friends on the pre-med track who are doing just fine. I feel like it's too late to start now, even though I did very well in math and science classes in high school. Is it too late for me to think about going pre med, or is there still some chance I could? I'm very realistic about how competitive it is t UCLA and I'm not positive this is something I want to pursue, but I would like to gain some idea of if it's even a possibility.

mc said...

Hi Ruby,

Coming from a CSU is better than coming from a CC. Just try to take as many of the pre-med reqs at UCLA and what you've taken at your CSU already should be fine -- just make sure they transfer over to UCLA.

Good luck!

mc said...

Dear Anonymous (incoming freshman),

It's true that UCLA is very difficult, and it's very difficult for the following reasons:

1) Everybody studies really hard, so everybody has to study even harder to try to beat everybody.
2) It is true that, especially in curved classes, classmates will prefer not to help their class mates. >:)

To say that UCLA is difficult because class averages are low because people aren't studying hard enough is very inaccurate.

Classes at UCLA are inherently difficult. All the students are great -- but each one wants to be on top, so they study harder and harder to compete.

It's pretty cut throat. NEVER underestimate how difficult the exams are going to be, and NEVER underestimate your peers. It's best to be as prepared as you possibly can. :)

mc said...

Dear Anonymous (3rd quarter freshman),

It's NOT too late to be pre-med. You don't even have to be a life science major to be pre-med.

If you love your major, stick with it. If you want to be pre-med too, do it. You can take all your pre-med requirements in 2 years at UCLA -- you're definitely not too late to start. :)

See some of my previous posts for pre-med reqs -- they typically involve 3 physics classes, some math classes, Life sciences 1-4, chemistry/ochem + labs, etc.... If you start now (or even your sophomore year), you'll be fine with still finishing your major and pre-med reqs in your 4 years at UCLA. :)

mc said...

Dear Najvot,


Honestly, unless you plan on taking a freshman summer program, don't go to summer school just to get ahead in classes (unless you haven't completed your writing I requirement yet -- I would take that over the summer if I were you).

Other than that, I say, just enjoy your summer! Worry about taking summer classes after your freshman year. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm going to take Chem 14BL during Summer session A and LS3 during Session C. I just wanted to know if taking prerequisites are looked down upon by med schools. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if a pre-med/ Bio major can complete all of their pre-reqs and major requirements in 4 years by taking 3 classes per quarter?


mc said...

Yes, you can. Just make sure that those 3 classes are relevent to your major and GEs. :)

I'd check up with your counselor every few quarters, though, just to make sure you're right on track.

Anonymous said...

Hi MC,

Would you say that it's manageable (You're able to get an A and retain enough information for the MCAT) to take both chem 14BL and 14B in winter quarter of freshman year, along with Math 3B?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just realized that you already answered the chem 14B and 14BL in the same quarter with a no, but I'm afraid that if I don't finish at least chem 14C by freshman year, I'll fall behind in chem and I'll have to take chem 14CL at the same time as physics 6 series (which I'm set on finishing in the three quarters of sophomore year). Is it really that bad to take BL and B at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Hi MC,

Do you think it's a good idea for a bio major to take the upper division classes Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 100+100L along with 109+109L in order to get out of having to take an addtional 4 upper division classes to fulfill the major requirements. Have you heard anything about these being pre-med weeder classes because they combine lab with lecture?

mc said...

From Anon:

Hi MC,

Would you say that it's manageable (You're able to get an A and retain enough information for the MCAT) to take both chem 14BL and 14B in winter quarter of freshman year, along with Math 3B?

Dear Anon,

Being realistic here, I'm going to say No. BUT, that doesn't mean it's impossible -- there are superstar freshmen out there who have learned a studying method that works for them by winter quarter of freshman year.

For the majority though, definitely not. I don't mean to sound like a wet blanket, but unless you're really really really good at NOT PROCRASTINATING,you study exceptionally well, and are very diligent in your studies, then you're not going to get straight A's with Chem 14B, BL, and math 3B at the same time.

As far as retention, you'll still have to review the material when you're reviewing for the MCAT. Not all of it will stick, and a good review will be necessary.

Good luck!

mc said...

Anonymous said...
Hi, I just realized that you already answered the chem 14B and 14BL in the same quarter with a no, but I'm afraid that if I don't finish at least chem 14C by freshman year, I'll fall behind in chem and I'll have to take chem 14CL at the same time as physics 6 series (which I'm set on finishing in the three quarters of sophomore year). Is it really that bad to take BL and B at the same time?

Dear Anon:
First of all, taking chem 14Cl with physics 6A is not that bad, but taking BL and B at the same time IS bad.

Secondly, you don't have to take chem 14CL with 14C or immediately after 14C. Take it over the summer or another quarter (Physics 6A is a good class to take 14CL with, assuming you did mechanics in high school and scored well on the AP physics mechanics test).

Third, don't worry so much about having a set-in-stone schedule. I'm a senior on my last quarter at UCLA and I'm currently taking biochem 153L! (though, I don't recommend saving 153L for your last quarter :) )

You'll be fine. You have plenty of time.

mc said...

Hi MC,

Do you think it's a good idea for a bio major to take the upper division classes Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 100+100L along with 109+109L in order to get out of having to take an addtional 4 upper division classes to fulfill the major requirements. Have you heard anything about these being pre-med weeder classes because they combine lab with lecture?


Dear Anon,

I honestly have never heard of these classes being weeder classes. If you've been hearing them, why not just take 4 upper division classes that you have choices in and that might interest you more?

I must say though that lab classes are pretty time consuming, difficult, and require lots of attention.

Personally, I've found all my upper div classes to be very interesting -- and the choice of electives are really cool. If you see some that would fulfill your major requirements and you think would be of interest to you, I'd rather go with those than taking the labs.

Anonymous said...

Hey MC,

Would you mind sharing your MCAT scores (and how many times you took it) and/or GPA? How did taking three science classes work out? If you don't feel like sharing this info, it's all good, just wondering.

Nelson Chang said...


I would like to thank you for you extremely helpful efforts. On one post you said that one semester and 1 quarter of math will not equal a full year. However, I took an advanced math course at Fullerton College (Math 250 AF) and on assist it says that it may equal math 32A, 32B. Will I only have to take one more quarter?

This is a tough question I could take up with counseling. I appreciate your help.

Lillian said...

Hi! I was wondering which class fills up faster: LS2 or Physics 6A so I can decide which to make my first priority! Thank you

mc said...


Hi. :) I would say LS2 fills up faster. If more than one prof. is teaching 6A, though, and there's a prof you have a preference for, I would enroll in that class first (because there are some really awesome professors there :))

But either way, I guarantee you that students are going to drop from each class and there will be room.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm going to be a sophomore this coming fall would you recommend taking chem 14d, physics 6A, and ls4. Or is it too difficult, and is so which one should i leave out?

mc said...

Hi Anonymous:

Definitely take Physics 6A this fall because you should be starting it. Personally, I would take Chem 14D with 6A.

Taking 14D, 6A, AND LS4 all in the same quarter is NOT GOOD! Take LS4 the following quarter, so that you can take 6A and 14D this fall.

LS4 and 14D are both difficult, but the reason I say to take 14D first is because it's a pre-req for other chem classes (chem labs are difficult to get into so you want to get into them as soon as you can). LS4 is a pre-req for some upper div classes, but nothing to rush with.

Hope this helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey MC,

I remember reading that you were a Physiological Sciences major and I wanted to know how difficult the material/workload is.

I have stuck to taking 3 classes a quarter--2 sciences, 1 non-science and I am falling slightly behind. I will need to take 1 LD science, 1 phy sci core class, and 1 UD phy sci elective for 2 quarters next year and I wanted to know manageable that would be. Are the core classes super difficult? How about the electives? I know it is one of the toughest majors due to the pre-med curve, but how are the teachers in their teaching style, grading? I really enjoy the material and I hope it won't be too much of a problem.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you :)

mc said...

Dear Anonymous:

How are you falling behind?

I came into UCLA starting with 24 units, I took 3 classes per quarter (except for 2 quarters my freshman year -- big mistake), and 2 classes each summer (3 summers total, for a total of 6 classes taken all 3 summers). With that, I could have graduated Fall quarter of my senior (but I had to stick around until spring quarter because of my minor).

1 LD science, 1 phy sci core class, and 1 UD phy sci elective for 2 quarters next year IS manageable, BUT DIFFICULT -- taking more classes than that is NOT a good idea.

Since you're taking 3 science classes, it's tough (even though one of them is lower div). Also, the PhySci core classes are all 6 units (except for PS107) -- it's rare that people take 6 unit classes. The higher the number of units a class is, the harder it is and the more material you have to learn, so you're really going to have to manage your time.

My advice: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! DO NOT wait to start reviewing/studying material 1 week before the exam. YOU HAVE TO START IMMEDIATELY. I say, after lectures, review the lecture material within one week of the lecture. Get everything you're confused about clarified. Then, when exams come around, reviewing for the exams will have been the 3rd time you've seen the material and you'll really understand it.
Also, DO ALL the worksheets, and sample questions that your TAs and Professors give to you -- that is super important!

Honestly, though, you shouldn't fall behind taking 3 classes per quarter and not repeating any classes. :)

If it were not for my minor, I wouldn't have had to take any summer school classes (6 of them), and I could have spread those 6 classes over Winter and Spring quarter of my Senior year and would have graduated on time -- but note, however, that I did come to UCLA starting with the 2nd math class in the series, and didn't have to take any english or writing classes.

Also note: I didn't need to take the 4 classes in 2 of the quarters my freshman year. I was just being naive. My junior and senior years, I had time to take 2 classes just for fun!

Hope this helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I did have to take Eng comp 3 and the whole math series. Plus I took a GE cluster freshman year so that meant 1 quarter of 2 non-science (w/ eng comp 3). Also I have only done 1 class per summer school session.

I don't know how it worked out, but it looks like I'll have to take ps 111a, phy sci UD, and chem 14cl one quarter and ps 111b, phy sci UD and physics 6c for the next.

The following year I have biochem and the rest of the core (ps 111L/UD classes and my foreign language), so there is no other way. Unless of course, summer school next year.

If you could recommend the best combination of classes, that would be appreciated.

mc said...

Dear Anonymous:

ps 111a, phy sci UD, and chem 14cl-- OUCH! 111A and 14CL will NOT go well together. And you're going to end up putting your PS upper div in the background and you won't do well in that either.

111b, phy sci UD and physics 6c for the next -- OUCH! 6C is not as bad as 14cl, BUT it's still difficult if you don't like electromagnetics, and 111B has a 4 modules (first 2 are okay, last 2 are hard).

Since you have to take a language class up to its 3rd level (and assuming you start at level 1), this is what I recommend:

111A, Phy Sci Upper Div, Foreign language I

111B, 6C, Foreign language II

Summer: 14CL BY ITSELF. 14CL is insanely time consuming. You can take another class in the other summer session if you want to, but I don't think you have to.

For the following year, try to get into biochem 153L ASAP -- Fall quarter. I'm sure you can get into it fall quarter. BUT, it's SUPER IMPORTANT that after Fall quarter, you try and get into 111L for winter quarter (because it's super hard to get into 111L -- if you shoot for winter quarter and you don't get in, you still have spring quarter). The reason I say to take 153L before 111L is because you want room to retake the class if you fail it (it's a really tough and very frustrating class). So here's my plan for that year.

Fall quarter: 153L, Phy Sci upper div, Foreign language III

Winter: PS 111L, PhySci upper div, Phy sci upper div (I pair 111L with 2 phy sci upper divs because 111L is really not that bad. It's actually a fun class).

Spring quarter: Whatever else you have to take.

IF YOU HAVEN'T TAKEN BIOCHEM 153 yet (you have to take it before or with 153L), this is what I would recommend instead:

Fall quarter: Biochem 153, Phy Sci upper div, Phy Sci upper div

Winter quarter: Phy Sci 111L, Phy Sci upper div, Phy sci upper div

Spring quarter: Biochem 153L, Foreign Language III, and other class you might have to take. If you have no more classes you have to take, then I would just switch foreign language III with phy sci upper div from winter quarter (in case you want to take the foreign language class sooner so you don't forget stuff from foreign language II).

Good luck. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a transfer student attending UCLA starting this fall as a chemistry major. I have finished general chem, o-chem, all math lower division, and one semester of physics. At my orientation, my counselor told me to take an upper division chem, phys 1b, and an upper division elective. However, phys 1b was closed. So, I registered for Chem 171, LS 1 (so that I can get it over with), and Com HLT 179. Do you think taking those classes will be difficult? If I start reading some chapters for bio and chem before put me into an advantage for the fall quarter?

mc said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, taking those 3 classes will be difficult, especially because you are transferring to UCLA and are not yet used to the rigor and competitive nature of UCLA students.

Doing well in these classes is absolutely possible, but here is my advice to you:

DO NOT procrastinate.
DO NOT underestimate how well your peers study because I can assure you, they study really hard to do well in the classes.
DO NOT fall behind in your classes and MAKE SURE TO get any information you're confused about CLARIFIED ASAP -- do not wait until last minute.

Honestly, I don't think that reading chapters before classes begin will be much help -- I think it is a waste of time because everything in the book will seem like a whole other language and you won't really learn anything.

The useful thing you can do, however, is have a relaxing summer and SKIM the chapters if you want to, but don't do any heavy studying before classes start -- not worth it. Just enjoy your summer before hell begins in fall. :)

Good luck. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you : ) For LS 1 the teachers are Alfardo, M.E./ Lloyd-Smith, J.o./ Novembre, J.P. I tried to look them up on bruinwalk, but I couldn't find them. Do you know anything about these professors? Also, should I wait and see if I can add physics 1b during the first week of class and drop ls 1? The professor for 1b this fall is just a staff. Since it'll be my first quarter, I would like to adjust and make new friends. Instead of just studying and graduate without any close friends. I'm just confused : (

mc said...

Dear unknown,

Whether you take Physics 1b or LS1, it's still going to be really hard.

Honestly, I think that although Physics 1b is taught by a staff (who still has a PhD but is probably a newbie), LS1 is also taught by noobs because I've never heard of those professors before and they're not on bruinwalk so they probably haven't taught much either.

Depending on which you think you are stronger at (biological life sciences like LS1 or physical sciences like physics 1B), I would say take that one first. It's better to take an "easier" one or the one you're more comfortable with on your first quarter at UCLA.

As far as making friends, form study groups with people in your discussion sections (forming study groups is also INSANELY useful for studying if you guys make good use of study group time) and join campus organizations/clubs that you're interested in! Also, don't be a hermit in the dorms if you're living in the dorms. Take part in dorm activities and meet people there too. :) Don't worry, you'll meet lots of people!

Anonymous said...

Hey MC!
I'm going to UCLA this fall as a freshmen. I already scheduled my classes and unfortunately, i couldn't get into chem14a coz of the limited spaces. Right now, I have 2 GEs and Math3A. Do you think it's a good start? Or should I hold a spot for waitlist in chem14a?

Also, I'm plannin to take one or two minor degrees, but you think i can handle all that in 4 yrs considerin the amt of premed workloads? HELLPP :/

mc said...

Hi Anonymous:

2 GEs and 1 science is not a bad start, but I would recommend staying on the 14a waitlist (because you're pretty much guaranteed to get in) and take 1 GE and 2 science classes to start.

If you take like 2-3 summer school classes every summer, you can definitely finish a major plus 1 or 2 minors (depending on the minors) within 2 years. :)

Mia said...

Hi, do you think I can do Chem 14C, Chem 14CL and GE (P/NP) in one quarter? I know. I HEARD that Chem 14CL is time-consuming and really hard!!! My schedule is kind of messed up so I'd either have to take...
a) Chem 14CL w/ Chem 14C
b) Chem 14CL w/ Chem 14D
c) Chem 14CL w/ LS 4

..........Neither of them sounds good but what do you think? Please help!!!! I'm so lost right now :(

mc said...

Hi Mia,

First of all, do NOT take a P/NP GE... that simply does NOT look good on your transcript.

Second of all, you can't take LS4 if you have not taken 14C.

Third of all, you can't take 14D if you have not taken 14C.

The only option that works for you is to take a GE, 14CL, 14C together. It is feasible, but you have to understand that procrastinating on 14CL and 14C will be detrimental to your grade.

With 14C, you have to do ALL the practice problems -- no matter what. And you have to understand the concepts.

With 14CL, you are forced to stay on top of the material with your lab reports, but studying for exams means knowing the lab procedures and knowing why you're doing them -- this is crucial to do well. Also make sure to know how to do the calculations or else you won't get a good grade.

Overall, you can do it, but you get as much out of it as you put in. So if you procrastinate, say Bye bye to your A! :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Can you take 14BL at the same time as you take 14B? The description was somewhat confusing. If so, im planning on taking 14BL with 14B, as well as my GE cluster and English Comp 3 this quarter. Is that a bad idea? I know its going to take a lot of time, but Im scared if I drop the lab and only take one science class this quarter, i will fall behind.

Diana said...

I was wondering if you've taken 3 science courses at a time yet?
I was thinking of taking chem153b, MIMG101, MIMG132 this spring on top of SR99. Do you think that's wise?

Anonymous said...

How hard is Chem 153A compared to all the lower division science classes? I'm done with all the prereqs except for physics 6C after this quarter and want to get started on upper divs. So far I've been fine with quarters where I've taken 3 south campus and 1 north campus, eg Chem 14C, LS3, Physics 6A, and Anthro 9, getting all A's and A-'s, but just wondering if 153A is significantly harder.

Anonymous said...

I'm a physical science major and was wondering if i had to take math 32B to apply to med school. So do I?

Anonymous said...

Someone told me that if I get a b in any biology class as a premed I would have to change my major is this true? Will I get dropped from my premed career due to a b in a science class?

Caitlin O'DONNELL said...

Hi MC!
Do you think taking Chem 14C and LS2 is an okay idea? Or would Chem 14C and LS1 be a better option? Or neither? haha

thank you!

Lisi said...

If I'm an incoming freshman at UCLA, who isn't in pre-med, is it possible to get into the program? what would i have to do?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, is better to take physics 6a and 6b during the summer or ls 2 and ls 3 during the summer?

m said...

So sorry I haven't been here to answer these, guys!

I made a post with the answers to all these questions. I know it's very late in the game, but I hope it'll serve useful for other pre-med students!

Bruin First Year said...

Do you think that taking LS2 (with Esdin) and Chem 14BL (with Henary) will be TOO much at once in one summer session? Or perhaps do you think that taking LS2 and Physics 6B will be easier? Unfortunately, I have too do one of these combinations :( Thank you for your advice!!!!

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